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Thursday, 29 October 2009 21:49

Blades and Resin

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I have just been coating a set of blades with resin for the last two days.
I am working on the lovely cedar blades made at the most recent workshop so they are for a 2.4m turbine. Really lovely cedar, laminated lengthways in two pieces and not a single knot to be found. One blade has a little weakness near the tip where it split a little, other that that they are a lovely set of blades.

We are using epoxy resin that has gone off a little so we didn't want to use it for casting however we decided to try it for coating the blade assembly and tail.

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 23:01

November Workshop

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The next How to Build Your Own Wind Turbine course  November 23rd - 28th

After a successful wind turbine building workshop in October we are now teaching another one in Ballinamore this November.
It is a hands-on workshop, running over 5 days and participants will gain an in-depth knowledge of Hugh Piggotts axial flux wind turbine.
Details of the workshop can be found here

It is essential to pre-book this workshop as they are very popular and places are limited to only 10 people, please fill out the
Booking form here

The completed wind turbine and building crew on the October 09 workshop

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009 08:16

New stator

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Today we are making a new stator for the 2.4m wind turbine we build on our last workshop.
On the course we made a 12v stator for the wind turbine and seeing as it turned out to be such a nice well made turbine (thanks lads, good work) we decided to use it at our own site. Our system is 24v so that is why we need the new stator.
This is one of the nice things about Hugh Piggotts design, the fact that you can change the voltage easily. These wind turbines are ideal for farmers that want to run electric fences. Hope to have some photos later of the new stator.

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Friday, 23 October 2009 19:33

October 09 Day 5

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Here is a bunch of happy wind turbine builders with their freshly made wind turbine - doesn't it look good? 

First job this morning was to remove the rotors from the mould and they came out well, no problems, they just need a little cleaning up to remove some excess resin from the back of the rotors.

The crew

Then we began to assemble the blades, setting them on a workbench to measure the blade tip distances. The setting out happened quite quickly and was not too tricky. After this the blade assembly was drilled through on the drill press. All three blades look well, the cedar was lovely to work with, not one single knot in the three blades.

Setting up the blades

The rotors and stator were set up on the frame which was firmly held in the vice. The wires were checked with the multimetre as the rotors were turned and everything was ok to proceed.

Testing the alternator

The job of wiring came next and fixing the rectifiers to the heat sink.


The rectifers

The blades and tail were then attached to the turbine. The blades were balanced inside the workshop so that we did not have to worry about any breezes and then everyone stood back to admire the fruits of the weeks labour.

Finished turbine

When we were finished admiring the new turbine we went for lunch and then headed off in convoy to visit Iliocht's hillside home as he was kind enough to invite us to have a look at his recently refurbished 2.4m wind turbine. It was great for the course participants to be able to see and hear a working turbine and also to have a look at the battery bank, charge controller and inverter setup. Thanks Iliocht.

Iliocht's wind turbine

Thursday, 22 October 2009 17:34

October 09 Day 4

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The turbine is nearly finished and ready to go. We got the blades finished today and ready to assemble tomorrow. The first thing that we did today is take the stator out of the mould and it looks great.

The stator is set

Putting the magnets in place on the rotor

Setting up the stator and the hub

The finishing touches on the blades which are ready to assemble

The frame so far

Cutting out the tail

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 20:07

October 09 Day 3

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We got a lot of work done on the stator today and still managed to do a bit with the blades as well.

Coil Winding

Here is Eddie getting to grips with the copper wire

Rotor Mould

Alan and Eddie prepare the rotor mould

Soldering the stator

Patrick and Willie soldering the stator

Placing the coils in the stator

Three blades

The blades are in various stages of of preparation, work on the back of the blades has started with just the aerofoil shape needing to be finished

Pouring the resin

Tuesday, 20 October 2009 19:41

October 09 Day 2

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Today we did lots of work with steel and got the frame started, the flat part of the backs of all three blades was done and a start made on the leading edge on one of the blades, we also made one mould for the magnet rotors.

Lots of sparks

Hugh brought along his kelly kettle to show us, it had the water hot with just a couple of handfulls of ceder shavings, learn more about these kettles here

Kelly kettle

Working on the frame

Welding on the frame

We cut the axle shaft and welded it to a 10mm plate, this plate we will drill and bolt to the frame, it is then easy to change if ever the axle shaft wears out.

Axle shaft

Setting up the hub shaft on the frame

Monday, 19 October 2009 18:26

Ballinamore Workshop October 09

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Today we started on a 2.4m dia Hugh Piggott turbine in the Ballinamore workshop. We worked on blades today and made great progress, first cutting off the excess, turning the rectangle of cedar wood into a blade blank and becoming accustomed to the drawknives.

Nearly there...

Spolit for choice, many drawknives to try

Using the level in preparation for marking the drop

Already working on the back of the blade, carving the plank shape

Getting to the root of things...

Steel pieces were cut for the frame today. We got a lot done today and had a good feed at lunch time in Smyths - thanks for the great hot grup.

Sunday, 18 October 2009 10:51

Iliocht's 2.4m wind turbine 2009 part 2

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On Friday 16th October 09 we were back to put the turbine back in action.

The nickle plating had come off the front of the magnets, this could have been caused by electrolysis and if that is the case then the magnets are going to end up being scrap and will need replacing.
So after much debate we decided to just clean the face of the magnets and paint them with epoxy paint and see how long they last, if we get another year then that would be good.
The epoxy 2 pack paint

The main reason they rusted was the use of  polyester resin as this lets the water in. The next time we will recast the magnet rotors using vinylester resin and new epoxy coated magnets. This turbine was made when the properties of polyester resin weren't too well understood. We use epoxy coated magnets and vinylester resin in all our turbines and never had this problem.
Painting the magnet rotor

Touching up parts of the mast with some of the leftover paint to avoid waste

A nice new tail was made with a grand paint job done by Iliocht and his talented artist friend Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany
Proud owner with his new tail

putting it back together

The prop was painted with undercoat, it worked well for the last two years so why reinvent the wheel
Newly painted prop

Setting the air gap

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As thing stand, people who construct their own turbines will not be eligible for the subsidy as MCS accreditation (both for the turbine and the installer) is required for systems under 50kWp. This is intended to  prevent people from getting ripped off but will have the unintended consequence of excluding anyone who builds their own unit. MCS was designed so that grants would be used productively but it could be argued that it isn't really necessary in an output based system where poorly sited/installed units will produce less electricty and will therefore be rewarded with less tariff. If you agree then I would suggest that you respond to the consultation (and encourage anyone else affected to do so as well) as this could be changed if an effective case is made.

The consultation can be found on the following link http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/consultations/elec_financial/elec_financial.aspx

The deadline for responses is October the 15th.  Send them a quick email telling them that they should pay for kWh of wind generated electricity regardless of the certification.

Sorce: John Miller from http://www.scoraigwind.com/

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